Hi, I am Kim Fowler.

I am a certified professional photographer by the Professional Photographers Association of America. Read about them, the the world's largest nonprofit trade association for professional photographers and learn how rigorous and demanding it is to become certified and remain so.

I am passionate about capturing the genuine, candid moments in my clients' lives. I'm there to record the joy, laughter, emotion and beauty of your family. My biggest thrill is making clients thankful for the memories we captured. I work to impress those who trust in me with the style, quality and presentation of their chosen images.

Another area of deep concern is the sharing of gifts with others. Photography for non-profits and other charities is done at no charge. Contact us for help with your mission. Presently serving:




What can you expect from using me as your photographer? First is great customer service. I will work tirelessly to present to you your vision for your session. I try to over produce, both in quantity and quality. Post production, especially photoshopping any personal needs and for the finest results is a specialty. Attention is given to skin texture, enhancement of facial features, removal of distractions, any special requests, and bringing to life photos that pop due to exposure, white balance, contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation & tone.

Your images will come to you by way of a professional, private, on-line gallery where you can download your pictures or purchase products.

See the difference a CERTIFIED professional photographer makes with consistency, technical skills, professional grade equipment, unique artistry, and professionalism. A pro is skilled in settings, posing, lighting, composition and digital post processing to create images that fit the unique style you want. Trust your most important memories to a professional and see the difference.

The Studio

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