Composite images are made up of two or more photographs, which are combined to create one image. Even if the term is new to you, you’ve absolutely seen composited images every day - in ads, on websites, in the news, even in your friend’s Instagram.


Composites within a Package

Within a package, clients can request added elements to be included within an image. this is a composite. For example, a family could be missing a member who could not attend the photoshoot. If requested, the missing family member could be added to the group photo and appear as if he or she was present. Compositing requires skill and time to insure a life-like composite.

$95 + tax ea

Composited Image as a Stand Alone Product

Outside of a package, first a session will be held capturing the subject that will be in the composite. Then the elements will be added to make the composite according to the client's specifications.

$225 + tax